Reasons for a rethink The term ‘sustainability’ is ubiquitous – however, many stakeholders are not aware of the real importance of a sustainable economy. For this reason, we discuss sustainability with all our stakeholders – from employees to customers and suppliers.
In doing this, we are actively helping to educate, raise awareness and motivate people to adopt a sustainability-oriented position. By signing the WIN Charta, we have sent a clear signal for sustainable economic activity in a regional context.
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The WIN-Charta

The WIN Charta – a tool for a sustainable economy

The WIN Charta is a sustainability management system within the state of Baden-Württemberg. It contains twelve guiding principles that address the various aspects of sustainability, such as economy, ecology and social issues, and provides orientation points for the implementation of the Charter in a regional and local context. Eschler signed the WIN Charta back in 2017, acknowledging its economic, ecological and social responsibility.


A key component of the WIN Charta is the WIN Project, which sees participating companies committing to supporting a social or ecological project in the region. Eschler is actively involved in supporting orchards and creating habitats for bees and insects. As part of the project, over the past few years, we have acquired two Eschler bee colonies, put Eschler employees through beekeeper training, installed an insect nesting aid on Eschler premises and revived Eschler’s own orchard. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of our employees and in close cooperation with the local fruit and horticultural society, we have succeeded in actively bringing the WIN Charta to life and making an active contribution to increased sustainability.

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