Spacer Block 2 Spacers are versatile textiles that have been extended to include the third dimension. They are also known as spacer fabrics and comprise warp knitted fabric layers kept a specific distance apart by a layer of pile threads.
Spacer Block 3
They offer moisture management, good pressure relief, thermoregulation and excellent air permeability. In addition, specific finishing techniques mean they can offer special functions such as a bioactive effect, flame retardancy and even defined elastic behaviour in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Furthermore, spacer fabrics are washable, fast-drying and mechanically stable yet flexible.
Spacer Block 5
With our customised spacers, we can tailor the spacer fabric exactly to your needs. Electronically controlled machines and multiple (up to seven) thread systems allow a wide variety of design options, enabling the structure, material blend, thickness, weight, compression hardness and colours to be varied. Together with our customers and partners, we are also working on expanding our product range. Our development is supported by a CAD system that also allows product visualisation.
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