Klettvelour Intro Block Loop fabric is a special kind of warp knitted fabric. It is characterised by a special construction in which loops are formed in the base material, either on one side or on both sides.
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Loop fabric is a textile with loops made of fibre material on the upper side, into which the hooks then hook themselves. When the fastener is opened, these hooks are pulled out of the loops. The back is often coated in order to achieve a higher number of opening and closing cycles.
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We manufacture our loop fabric in widths of up to 205 cm. This has the advantage of allowing users to cut it into whatever shape or size they need. The material weight ranges from 80 gsm to 530 gsm. Our specialities include elasticated products and back-to-back designs. With a huge range of base products and a wide variety of back coatings, we are always in a position to offer the right product.
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