Technologie Intro Block Our core competence is the development and production of high-quality, innovative textile solutions for demanding applications. Through our technology-driven approach to development, we are always able to produce the right solution according to individual customer needs.
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On our warping machines, we produce high-quality warps from yarn for our warp knitting plant. Our warping facility also includes a sample line where we make samples and produce warps for special fabrics with conductive yarns and carbon threads.
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In the next production step – knitting – we use the latest technology to process the warps into textiles. Our warp knitting machines achieve excellent results thanks to camera-assisted fault detection and a variety of machine gauges and widths. The knitting of the raw material and the machines used to do this are optimally coordinated.
Technologie Text Block Thanks to long-term partnerships in textile finishing and all downstream production stages, we can offer you technical textiles right through to fully manufactured finished products.
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